I was shocked when studying yoga last year in India at the sheer depth that ideas and beliefs are embodied in their various acts of yoga. The effects of this in yoga are profound and are affirmed by numerous scientific studies...

We live a fair portion of our lives in a dis-embodied way, caught up in thoughts. We have to think sometimes but do so habitually. Practising embodiment is a doorway out of compulsive thinking in to wider and beneficial realms of experience.

In the west;  we want results for ourselves; outwardly and inwardly (with self improvement methods and hacks).'We aren't enough', so we try to improve to add more to ourselves. These efforts add to our dis-embodiment.

Embodiment has real benefits - it unifies mind and body. This is where yoga comes in; if you take a look at the 5,000 year history of yoga, it's primarily about connecting mind and body...but in the west it's been interpreted as exercise.

However, the older non -western yoga is the opposite of this mindset, the psychology of yoga is subtractive; entering the sensory realm, slowly taking away layers of conditioning and embodying positive qualities. This has to be experienced... 

If you want to explore novel and calmer states of mind and body through postures, in ways that will replenish your energy and focus - then this course is for you. See below...

  • Practically understand how embodying qualities and ideas changes the mind and body.
  • Go into new depths of embodiment and go to the heart of yoga -  beyond the body and mind.

This course includes a free embodient meditation audio (in Mp3). The course runs over 3 x 2 hour workshops ; Sat 1000-1200 and Sun 1000-1200, 1400-1600. The cost is £36.00.                                                       

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