A Yoga and Wellness Retreat Nov 2019 - Scotland

NOTE - WAITING LIST ONLY (as of May 2019)

Yoga can be something way beyond exercise and stretching, it can be an intimate and deep exploration of 'connection'. But with what?, well for starters, connections :-

  • within our inner space
  • between our mind, body and emotions
  • to nature and the others around us
  • but ideally, connection to your direct experience of what is happening in the moment

In our modern and complex society; distractions and busy-ness usually lead to turbulent minds, dominated by repetitive thoughts. Caught up in this world of thoughts and ideas, we often become disconnected from our direct experience and separate from our feelings and our bodies needs. 

The purpose of yoga is to calm the mind and explore a more harmonious relationship to what’s happening. This retreat will help you become more sensitive to your inner landscape and outer environment, so you can better tune in to what helps or hinders your wellbeing. It aims to re-connect to your sense of self…

The Teachers - Craig and Michelle 

I will be teaching this with my friend Michelle Huweiler from Zurich. Michelle is a practising; physiotherapist , sacro-cranial therapist and yoga teacher, she is amazing. Together we will lead a schedule that will deepen your sense of self whilst nourishing you physically and emotionally.

Feedback from previous Highland retreats....

"I am definitely more mindful after the retreat, I feel calm and grounded. The teachers were really good, so knowledgeable; they gave encouragement and instilled trust to give us the confidence try new things" (Evelyn, Glasgow)


"This has been one of the best experiences of my life, the teaching was inspirational and has given me a new insight into what yoga is. The camraderie and friendship of the group and warmth of the teachers were beautiful" (Jeanette, Falkirk)


"A genuine retreat from my everyday world, I deepened my practice and felt nourished. The programme was very skilfully put together, it  really deepened my sense of self " (KJA Perth)


What I learnt from Craig over the retreat is what I value most, though it was a privilege to spend so many laughter filled hours with such lovely people. (Barbara, Falkirk)


" Intense, amazing , emotional, fun ….. what a learning experience and an amazing group of people. I loved all the yoga and movement sessions, the whole thing felt so rounded and nurturing" (Natasha, Glasgow)


"It was wonderful, I had a deep pain release and feel more connected with myself. I am so much looser physically and mentally" (Leila, Glasgow)



It's a large and very high quality highland lodge in Grantown on Spey, the gardens are beautiful and the yoga is held in a separate pagoda building on the grounds. The lodge comes with a full size heated swimming pool and jacuzzi (really nice) .There are fantastic walks from the front door. Most bedrooms are shared, but If you want a room to yourself that can be arranged. We will have a vegetarian chef on site with us (Dan Corazon, owner of the Yoga Kitchen) so expect amazing food.



“My yoga focusses on letting the body open naturally, you will work mindfully to sense spaces and connections inside your structure to release tensions and feel lightness. From here, you can drop into the the deeper unconditioned layers of your self and access peacefulness and wonder …”

Craig teaches yoga across central Scotland and beyond. 



“Yoga is usually practiced to control the body, but for me, its the opposite: you can practise yoga to become free - free from muscular tensions, free from identification with thoughts and free from habits you don't need” Michelle is a practising physio and cranio-sacral therapist based in Zürich. Michelle’s yoga practise and teaching is informed strongly by her therapy work.