I'M GLAD YOU'RE VISITING!, I'm here to help you slow down and sense more deeply - so that you go 'inside' to where something bigger than 'you' exists, where healing comes from. Don't expect exercise or vinyasa - from here,  you'll explore in your self, the original 'heart' of yoga. It's not lost...


Taste of a deeper way of yoga.....Tuesdays 1845 BST

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How can awareness affect the mind? The basis of where I teach yoga from is (Vipassana or 'clear seeing') is touched upon in this video.

Resting the minds activity  into the background reveals the aliveness and peace that yoga can bring.

Uncovering the yoga state is easy if you want to go there  - sometimes it's described as 'vastness' or even 'nothingness' .

Due to demand, I'm going to run a second winter retreat this year 


Based on original yogic ideas , we will use posture and meditation to explore underlying dimensions with ourselves. This  one is a bit shorter - see the retreat page for more....http://www.insideyoga.net/retreat-menu/scotland-no...