What if you could go ‘inside’ and learn to sense subtle movement in your body from a place of real attention and calm? and what if, you could release unnecessary tensions from there and allow your body express itself in yoga? - without pushing or pulling.

My yoga focusses on letting the body open, you will work mindfully to sense spaces and connections inside your structure to release tensions and feel lightness. From here, you can drop into the the deeper unconditioned layers of your self and access peacefulness and wonder ...


IN TOUCH - A new way to tune in to deeper experience

Modern living can dissociate us from our felt experience; by working in a safe environment with other people we can access our deeper nature. and fully receive direct experience, whatever that is. This makes us more conscious and opens the heart...

In Touch is a thematic way of working with groups developed by Craig Buchanan and Rona Golsworthy. It uses a combination of eastern and western mind/body practices on an individual and group level to create a sense of comfort, security to access the body's natural awareness.

The purpose of  'In Touch ' working is to contact the innate receptivity within and dissolve attachments to thoughts and concepts. . The work creates trust, safety and mindful states within the group; from there,  we access the potential for healing and creativity that resides in each of us. Then your relationship to; yourself, others and the world is enriched.

There's a one day 'In Touch' retreat being run on 24th June 18 near Aberfoyle. If your interested text or email me. Click the button below if you want more details.

Lose your mind !

Using body and sound awareness to enter the deep state within that's always there...

The aim of the workshop below is go to a 'place of otherness' in you, the place where quietness, peace, beauty and creativity come from. 

By tuning in to your deep physiology through yoga you'll touch the deep clarity and spaciousness where mystery resides...


Traditional yoga points to possibility of diving below our conditioning to an ultimate freedom from everything. But how do we do this? ... we slow down and simplify; by feeling and moving deeply we pass through our mental noise and body tensions to sense inner movements. From this place within, we can rest in the experience of a fluid body and taste what it means to be free from our selves... 

This class is exploratory, meditative, slow paced and deeply nourishing. To attend one or know more, click the orange button below; advance bookings only.


November 2018 - new yoga retreat in Scotland

WAIT LIST ONLY (As of Jan 18)

In a beautiful mansion in Forres, North Scotland, you'll have a unique and quite special wellness experience. Immersed in a safe environment, you will nurture your capacity for listening to and understanding your body's voice. Deep yoga, somatic exercise, dynamic movement, dance, meditation , breathwork,  partner work, energetics and guided walks. 

I will be teaching this one with Michelle Huweiler who will be attending as my co-teacher from Switzerland. 

 Click the 'Nov 18' button below to see more information....