'EMBODIMENT' - A weekend course 14/15th November 2020

We live a fair portion of our lives in a dis-embodied way, caught up in thoughts. Practising embodiment is a doorway out of compulsive thinking in to more connection to things and wider realms of experience.

The psychology of non-westernised yoga is subtractive; entering the sensory realm, slowly taking away layers of conditioning and embodying positive qualities. This is easy to access if you know how ...

If you want to explore novel and calmer states of mind and body through postures, in ways that will replenish your energy and focus - then this course is for you.

Welcome!, Are you interested releasing tensions and experiencing the unconditioned layers of your self?. Do you want to awaken your body's intelligence? I'm here to help you slow down and sense more deeply - from here  you can explore what awareness of the body can do for the mind.

Total immersion - it's the best way! and be with wonderful people.

Inner Space online workshops - deep and meaningful self inquiry through slow yoga...

Traditional yoga points to the possibility of going beyond our conditioning to an ultimate sense of 'freedom'. But how do we do this? ... we slow down and simplify; by sensing and moving deeply, we pass through our mental noise & body tensions into layers of deeper experience. From here, we can feel what it means to be free from our selves.

In each workshop we explore a central theme, as an idea, and more importantly from our 'inner space'  (where insights, ideas and self-nourishment are born). The yoga is exploratory, meditative and slow paced.

Due to demand, I'm going to run a second winter retreat this year 


Based on original yogic ideas , we will use posture and meditation to explore underlying dimensions with ourselves. This  one is a bit shorter - see the retreat page for more....