Working with Craig

My yoga focusses on creating a sense of wholeness from which your body's innate intelligence awakens through natural movement. The remarks from clients below will give you an idea of what to expect from my teaching...


"The classes are transforming, they help me connect better with myself, I often arrive scattered but always leave relaxed and grounded in so many ways. I particularly love the work we did recently on connecting the feet and the spine".

M.P Stirling


"Recommended!, from working with Craig, I've learnt to move my body in ways I never though I would again. I'm closer to my inner self and feel better in my daily life as a result".

S.R Glasgow


"I can feel my body so much more now, I've had many very deep and happy moments during the sessions and have been continually inspired with new ways to teach and practice for myself".

D.P Perth


Just excellent; something new and inspiring every lesson. My back pain has gone and I feel so much calmer from the classes. Working  with Craig is always really special, I leave feeling so light, positive and mentally clear.

D.D London


"The classes with Craig leave me feeling relaxed and over time have been so uplifting. I feel lighter and more positive from them, my body feels more fluid and flexible but without stretching".

S.W Glasgow


Lovely deep work with a fabulous teaching and social dynamic. I love the combination of anatomy and somatisation -  so many elements for me to take away and work with.

B.C Inverness

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" Intense, amazing , emotional, fun ….. what a learning experience and an amazing group of people. I love Craig’s yoga and dance sessions, the whole thing felt so rounded and nurturing" (Natasha, Glasgow)


"I am definitely more mindful after the retreat, I feel calm and grounded. The teachers were really good, so knowledgeable; they gave encouragement and instilled trust to give us the confidence try new things" (Evelyn, Glasgow)


"This has been one of the best experiences of my life, Craig’s teaching was inspirational and has given me a new insight into what yoga is. The camraderie and friendship of the group and warmth of the teachers were beautiful" (Jeanette, Falkirk)


What I learnt from Craig over the retreat is what I value most, though it was a privilege to spend so many laughter filled hours with such lovely people. (Barbara, Falkirk)


"A genuine retreat from my everyday world, I deepened my practice and felt nourished. The programme was very skilfully put together, it  really deepened my sense of self " (KJA Perth)


"BLOODY EXCELLENT. something new every lesson, people fabulous , food delicious. My back pain has gone and I feel much calmer,  please put me on top of the list for next year "(Dawn, London)