Overview of Craig's Approach

What if you could go 'inside' and sense subtle qualities in your body?, in such a way that your mind relaxes open and your physical and mental tensions subside  - expanding your awareness in to a vast space?. The body can be the object of  meditation and your current habits, whether they're; 'busy mind', muscle tightness, dullness or emotional fixations are transcended through your practise of physical yoga.

Yoga - a short word , practised by millions that has so many interpretations . In the west it's considered a sort of postural workout with stretching, Indian terminology and a relaxation bit at the end. Fortunately, the roots and practises of yoga go vastly deeper than this. 

The word yoga means to 'join'  in practice it aims to unify the mind and body and 'join' to your direct experience in the moment.Through this joining, new states of mind can be revealed that can nourish us and positively affect how we see the world. There are numerous 'ways' of doing this - e.g ; meditation, working with subtle energies in the body, selfless service, worship, physical postures and breath work.

The yoga you'll find here uses the body as the object of meditation, you'll learn to quickly down-regulate your nervous system and treat your body with care and respect - as you would a wounded child ('cos we all have a wounded child or more inside us!). The teaching is modern, original and fresh but at the deepst rot of  this you'll get a more 'traditional' approach. Traditional yoga points to the possibility of going beyond our conditioning to an ultimate sense of 'freedom'. But how do we do this? ... we slow down and simplify; by sensing and moving deeply, we pass through our mental noise & body tensions into layers of deeper experience. From here, we can feel what it means to be free from our selves.

I am privileged to have received inspiration over the years from wonderful teachers; particularly DIane Long, Louise Simmons, Helen Noakes and John Stirk. I am  also indebted to the past work of Vanda Scaravelli and Thomas Hanna.

If you try the practise, it's deep; expect to go 'inside' to where something bigger than 'you' exists. From here; you'll explore in your self, the original 'heart' of yoga. It was never lost...



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