IN TOUCH ... a 1 week yoga retreat in Spain from 27th May 2018

Something really amazing and really different

What if , over 7 days you could fully let go and settle back to receive lasting physical levity and peacefulness - from your deeper self ...yes, its possible ! 

The Programme and Teachers

You will be informed and supported throughout your week by Craig Buchanan and Rona Golsworthy, they are offering a unique combination of traditional and modern mind body practices that will rejuvenate you.

Sessions will include breathwork, muscle release techniques, deep and empowering yoga, dynamic movement, healing meditations, dance, partner massage and self inquiry. Between sessions you can just chill - sunbathe by the pool, explore the local area and socialise. The unique experience Rona and Craig bring will enrich how you feel about; yourself and others - it will revitalise you. To check what  'In Touch' is look below the image...


We will stay and practice together at the stunning Molino Del Rey resort on the Southern coast of Spain. The lessons and whole experience will be fun and the company will be great. This week is suitable and rewarding if you come as a single person, or with a friend. The yoga is suitable for all abilities and levels from beginner, it also suits ALL levels of mobility.

Accommodation: The retreat centre is in the mountains and has a lovely pool, the price is for twin room accommodation, single room supplement is possible by arrangement. View the rooms & facilities at

Payment : £740 for the week (all yoga, all food and accommodation), this price is for shared  twin rooms with ensuite, if you want a room to yourself, there's a single room supplement that can be arranged. A £140 deposit secures your place, final payment is required by the end of March 2018.

Transport : Flights are not included, Flights to Malaga from Scotland are mega cheap, usually under £100 return.  We provide a transfer but to the retreat centre on Sun 27th May at a fixed time (and back) . We can advise on the best flights.

Extras : There will be optional therapy treatments provided and an optional day outing (at cost). 

There are more details on the content and venue below



'In Touch' is a thematic way of working with groups developed by Craig Buchanan and Rona Golsworthy. 

In todays technological and thought driven society, continuous thinking and use of media means that our communication is conceptual and often though a screen or speaker - rather that felt in direct contact with another. Modern living can dissociate us from our selves - we lose touch with our own felt experience.

Touch is the central axis of our experience - it determines our physical mental and emotional well being. The purpose of  'In Touch ' working is to contact the innate wellness within you. The work creates trust, safety and awareness within the group; from there,  we access the potential for healing and creativity that resides in each of us. Then your relationship to; yourself, others and the world is enriched.

Touch is a language we instinctively know how to use but often take for granted, it's a skill we can remind ourselves of and enhance - the work is about the 'quality' of touch.

'Quality' touch is 

• Not invasive or manipulative

• Beneficial for the toucher and the touched

• Raises awareness and calms the mind

• Something we can explore by ourselves by sensing the ground and our inner body

Touch will be experienced through; contact with the ground, contact with inner sensations and emotions and physical contact with other people. There are no fixed methods used, it's more of an approach and attitude to your embodiment and interactions - that is very direct and nourishing.

This is a safe environment and the teaching will be gentle and safe too , so; you never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in any exercise , if so just stop , no biggie.

We ask you to be curious and keep you mind open to the unexpected , and most of all relax and enjoy it.....


Set in the beautiful nature reserve of Andalucía “Sierra de las Nieves” in Southern Spain, the centre is in a typical little Spanish hamlet community, It's surrounded by the traditional and simple Spanish country way of life - but only 50 minutes from Malaga airport. It  has everything you would expect from a top luxury yoga retreat and much more.  Top yoga experts regularly rate Molino del Rey as One of the Best Yoga Retreats in the World.

A spring of the river “Rio Grande” is born at the entrance of the hamlet. From it, the purest of waters flow through the rock into the yoga centre, offering superb bathing surrounded by the wonderful fragrance of mountain flowers. 

The yoga room and bedrooms are beautiful - check the images or visit for more.