'In Touch' A One Day Wellness Retreat  - Scotland, Sunday June 24th 2018

Rona Golsworthy and I will run this one in Gartmore (near Aberfoyle). 

Explore the meaning of self and community in this special event. Drinks lunch and snacks for the day are provided. Look below the images to see what 'In Touch' is about and click the mail link at the bottom of the page if your interested...


'In Touch' is a thematic way of working with groups developed by Craig Buchanan and Rona Golsworthy. 

In todays technological and thought driven society, continuous thinking and use of media means that our communication is conceptual and often though a screen or speaker - rather that felt in direct contact with another. Modern living can dissociate us from our selves - we lose touch with our own felt experience.

Touch is the central axis of our experience - it determines our physical mental and emotional well being. The purpose of  'In Touch ' working is to contact the innate wellness within you. The work creates trust, safety and awareness within the group; from there,  we access the potential for healing and creativity that resides in each of us. Then your relationship to; yourself, others and the world is enriched.

Touch is a language we instinctively know how to use but often take for granted, it's a skill we can remind ourselves of and enhance - the work is about the 'quality' of touch.

'Quality' touch is 

• Not invasive or manipulative

• Beneficial for the toucher and the touched

• Raises awareness and calms the mind

• Something we can explore by ourselves by sensing the ground and our inner body

Touch will be experienced through; contact with the ground, contact with inner sensations and emotions and physical contact with other people. There are no fixed methods used, it's more of an approach and attitude to your embodiment and interactions - that is very direct and nourishing.

This is a safe environment and the teaching will be gentle and safe too , so; you never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in any exercise , if so just stop , no biggie.

We ask you to be curious and keep you mind open to the unexpected , and most of all relax and enjoy it.....