Monthly Workshops in Callander 2020

Next Dates: Sunday: Feb 2nd, March 1st, April 5th

Ever wanted to try a way of doing yoga that doesn't force and pull your body? 

When we make our bodies into straight and rigid shapes we make the muscles more tight, but we already have tight muscles - so tightness is added on to tightness. Most exercise and yoga is done in this way, but there is another way. One where you learn to undo tightness in your body and mind (yes, they're linked) and move so consciously and calmly that you feel the real depth an subtlety of yoga. This amazing two hour session will leave you looser and mentally calm, it's a positive antidote to stress, fatigue and tight muscles...

The workshops are good for:-

  1. Beginners or the experienced
  2. Tight aching muscles and injuries
  3. All ages and all body shapes
  4. Stiff people!    

For more; see client comments on the teaching...

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