Inner Space

I practice yoga for insights; insights are like feelings that come from a more lucid and empty sense of self. When I am in a tangible relationship with space and stillness, I am in yoga.

We live in our heads a lot; we tend to cut ourselves off from any sense of space in and around us.

Yoga that doesn’t take you into inner space, (physically and mentally) can only be superficial.

We keep looking outward for ideas and knowledge, but yoga (as originally practised) is to:-

  1. Refine our attention and dampen incessant thinking
  2. Come more alive to our inner space
  3. Explore expansion from there and come to a purer sense of self

If a yoga session is carried by these; then insights their own time. When practising this way, the postures become secondary (like vehicles to be driven) and aims like stretching and performing flowing routines become unecessary.

In group yoga; the space in the room separates us - but  that space also connects us. The space between us in the group isn’t empty; ancient yoga and modern science show us this.

Science also shows that groups of people in rapport will over time, unconsciously match their; breathing, heartbeats and motor neurons.

Group yoga, if practised in a deep way; charges the group space and develops a collective awareness that affects your own sense of self. Together, our bodies release tension, the group expand perceptually and our minds become purer. This is the yoga, this sits at the core of what I offer.

It's common to distrust your own experience and look outside for answers and what to do. Deeper ways of yoga restore that trust and release personal insights...